# Matchbets system

# What is a Matchbet?

A MATCHBET is a bet that is between two players and not the house.

# What bets are available for matching?

All spread, moneyline and totals for games can be available for open MATCHBETS if you choose to leave your bets open for Matching.

On each available ticket you have the option to turn on the ticket to make it available for match betting. If you do not turn this on then the bet you place will be a normal sportsbook bet.

# Does the line continue to change on my pending open matchbet?

Yes, all open MATCHBETS will change as the lines change and will not be locked until accepted by another user or an hour before the match.

# What happens if my Matchbet does not get accepted by another?

You have the ability to cancel all open available Matchbets manually an hour before the event starts. If your bet does not get matched, and you do not cancel, it will be played as a regular sportsbook bet and your line will be locked in an hour before the event starts.

# How do I guarantee that my bet will always be matched?

If you want to guarantee that your Matchbets is always matched, please search the MATCHBETS tab for all open/available Matchbets. Once you accept a bet here, and confirm in your ticket window. It will be locked and cannot be changed.

# Where can I find Open Matchbets?

For each sport you are betting on, there will be a MATCHBETS tab. From here you will be able to search the Match Ups and then the bet type. You can also use the slider to refine the bet amounts.

# How do I select an Open Matchbet?

When searching the MATCHBETS tab. If you want to bet on team A. You will Select Team A.

We display Matched Bets where Team B has already be taken by another user.

So if you see the Team you want to bet on. Select it into your bet ticket window and place bet!

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In this example you would select the Match button if you want to bet on the Milwaukee Bucks.

User thomhell has already taken the Miami Heat (+5.5)