# Cryptocurrencies

# Why should i use cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdraw?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are already a proven, reliable and legal payment method for the Internet.

# I am new to Bitcoin. How can i deposit with them?

It's very easy and will take no more then 10 minutes. To keep Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) you need a wallet. You can create online wallet on special websites providing this service, like Coinbase.com.

After that you need to buy Bitcoin - you can do it on the same website or on some Crypto exchange like localbitcoins.com if you are looking for a better USD/BTC rate. Once you have Bitcoin in your wallet you can deposit them to your Matchbets.com account.

# What are Bitcoin transaction fees?

They depend on how fast you want to transfer the money, not on how much. Usually it's around $0.10-$0.30